Cumbria Zoo Company Ltd

Cumbria Zoo Company Ltd, runs the South lakes Safari Zoo attraction.

Cumbria Zoo, we are pleased to bring you this update concerning the  parks closure request in July 2016.

Back in early January 2016 South Lakes Safari Zoo in Dalton Cumbria, was refused license renewal by the chairperson of the Barrow council’s licensing committee, Tony Callister, in July 2016 Mr Callister had rejected the application, agreeing with inspectors that David Gill was “not a fit and suitable person” to manage the zoo.

“But the law dictates that if the licensee reapplies for a new licence,” the existing licence continues to apply until the application has been processed or withdrawn, the license application is still in prose’s.

Mr Gill, who remains the licence-holder, handed over the responsibility of managing the zoo to Cumbria Zoo Company Ltd at the end of 2016, after concerns were raised about the zoo’s governance.

A spokesman for Gill said: “The current arrangement sees the entire zoo site leased to Cumbria Zoo Company Ltd under a six-month lease.

The situation as it stands presently, Cumbria Zoo Company Ltd, still runs the attraction.

Currently the Zoo is offering Free Admission everyday (except school holidays) for everyone who comes along.

Hopefully the new company will ensure the animals are treated with the respect they deserve!

Progress report coming soon!

We should be hearing news shortly concerning the license renewal and will keep you informed on the application outcome.

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